Abdulla Rashim


Submerged in both rhythm and mystery, Abdulla Rashim's shadowy aesthetic floats in balance with his uncompromising work.

Wholly dedicated to his ideas and sound, Rashim's quest for renewal and the importance of his craft has reflected well both internationally and locally, where he is praised alike. A listening ear and pure emotion is what his rhythms demand and what keeps him on top of his mission.







Jamie Roberts, better known by his stage name Blawan, is an English DJ and record producer from South Yorkshire. He is best known for his track "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage" and his remix of the Radiohead track "Bloom", which appeared on their album TKOL RMX 1234567 (2011). He came to prominence with his debut release Fram on the label Hessle Audio and signed to R&S Records. He also started a hardware-only projecti Karenn, with fellow R&S producer Pariah.

Credited as one of the artists spearheading the industrial techno revival, Blawan's post-dubstep sounds and raw, techno-influenced beats has earned him praise from DJs such as Surgeon and the Black Dog. According to Philip Sherburne of Pitchfork, his music is "full of jackhammering kicks, splintered wooden percussion, and short-fuse breakdowns."











ecologistWhen it comes to post-Basic Channel dub techno, Brendon Moeller is one of the go-to guys. Since leaving his native South Africa for New York City in 1993, the dub technician has been proudly laying down his musical legacy on labels like Astralwerks, Mule Musiq and Six Degrees Records; working with revered vocalists like Paul St. Hilaire, Mikey Dread and Mutabaruka and fomenting relationships with scene institutions like fabric, Berghain and François K.

As a consequence, the dub landscape has been forever changing at his hands: sometimes under his own name, sometimes as Beat Pharmacy (almost exclusively on François K’s Wave Music) and sometimes as Echologist, he is behind seven full length albums to-date, each of which has breached the musical boundaries of what went before. Taking cues from jazz, techno, dub, afrobeat and psychedelia, Moeller’s aims are simple…

“My goal is, first and foremost, to create timeless, quality music that resonates with people from all walks of life. I want to evolve musically. I want to be able to continue making music and support my family with it... and if all goes well, would love to make enough money to purchase all my time favourite analogue synthesizers.”

Listen to his music – or that which his label, Steadfast, has so studiously released since 2009 – and you’ll understand that Moeller’s music has a knack for making you think whilst you inescapably give yourself over to its infectious grooves, and his most recent Ecologist album only confirms that: Subterranean is a deeply experimental record that explores a throbbing, swollen underworld of subconscious sounds which, in its conceptual referencing of everything from shoze-gaze to ambient to rock, marks Moeller out as an essential pillar of not only the dub techno community, but of the electronic music world as a whole.

For his ninth album on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint we saw Brendon compile an album of deep driving techno with possibly the strongest dancefloor sensibility of any of his previous albums. Production-wise the album reflects the work of somebody who’s been unrelenting in the pursuit to become as good as he can possibly be at this.
In 2013 Brendon released EP’s as Echologist on Prologue and M-Rec, as beat Pharmacy on Soulpeoplemusic, Pomelo and Throne of Blood. A collaborative project called The Watchers (feat. himself & Speedy j) was also released on his own label. “Storming Heaven,” his 3rd full length Echologist album has just been released on Prologue Music.





French Fries

French FriesNative to South America, living in the south of Paris, inspired by southern rap, French Fries developed his own version of club music.

Resident DJ at 14, first release at 16, first hit at 18 with the worldwide acclaimed "Arma" EP, the now 20 year old kid, co-­?founder of ClekClekBoom Recordings keeps working hard. Late in 2011, he released his "Champagne / Hugz" EP on his own label that had beencharted in the Beatport Top10, while putting the finishing touches to his "Yo Vogue" EP out on Dirty Bird in March 2012.

Sharing his time between his studio, his office and touring all around the world, he's more focused than ever, installing a solid base for a long lasting career. Be ready for some Paris Club Music soon!